The EDUVAC Project at online  “24th World Conference on Health Promotion”, May 15-19, 2022,  Montreal, Canada.

On May 15, 2022, the EDUVAC project was presented at the 24th International Conference for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE2022) that was held online at Montreal, Canada.  Below you can watch the video presentation entitled “Innovative practices in vaccination education competence. EDUVAC Erasmus+project”.



EDUVAC final dissemination event

The final dissemination event of the Educating Vaccination Competence project took place online on 09.06.21. The EDUVAC project team gave an overview of the project and presented the educational approaches that developed during the project cycle (web-based course, intensive course, simulations). 
Finally, the Greek students who have participated in the project really shone, presenting their experience to the international audience. The programme can be found here.
Thank you all for your presence!


2nd Intensive Course

COVID-19 pandemic led to the implementation of the 2nd Intensive Course online, from 15.03.2021 to 19.03.2021. Students (36) and academics (9) from the five partners/Higher Educational Institutions met virtually with the aim of Educating Vaccination Competence. 

The online Intensive Course included several synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, such as lectures, case studies, video presentations, group discussions, as well as work in multicultural groups. 


The EDUVAC Project at online “Panhellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policies 2020”, 7-10.12.20

On December 7, 2020, the simulations pedagogical approach of the EDUVAC project was presented at the online Panhellenic Congress on Economics and Health Policies 2020. Below you can watch the video presentation entitled “Simulation as a Tool for Education of Health Science Students in Vaccination. The Example of the European EDUVAC Program”.


Vaccination simulations

During autumn semester, partner Universities have implemented simulations on vaccination cases in order to pilot five different cases: 
1. Parents who are hesitant to vaccinate their children 
2. Children who are afraid of having vaccines
3. Health care professional, who does not take vaccinations, even though he/she works with immunocompromised persons. 
4. Counselling clients with immigrant background, a challenge with the language
5. Motivational interview as a method of counselling
In addition, an online transnational debriefing took place among the participants students and teachers which also helped the improvement of the final outcomes-simulations guides for open access use.


EDUVAC project at the 18th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Health

Οn July, 3-5 2020, the EDUVAC project was presented at the 18th International Conference on Informatics, Management and Technology in Health, which was held as an e-conference. Here you can watch the video presentation entitledOnline Education for Vaccination Competence Among Health Sciences Students”


EDUVAC web-based courses

Since March 16th 2020, the 3rd version of EDUVAC web-based course has been running among students from all five project partners/Higher Education Institutions:University of West Attica (Greece), Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Trnava University (Slovakia), University of Vic (Spain), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy).We wish them all success!

Partners of EDUVAC project collaborate in order to develop and implement a web-based course for vaccination (3 ECTS). The web-based course is taking place 3 times. The aim of the web-based course is to strengthen the students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes in vaccinating different population groups, as well as counselling clients of different age groups and their families.

The 3rd version is based on the evaluation and feedback received by: students and teachers involved in the two previous implemented courses, associated partners which are mainly health care professionals, the Steering Group of the project, and the National Agency, using the feedback received after the project’s progress report.

Participant students’ comments have contributed considerably to the development of the next versions. They were satisfied with the courses and their impressions have been positive, for example they said:

“The course was very interesting and helpful”

“It was a great experience!”

“I now feel more confidence about my knowledge on vaccination”


Transnational Project Meeting

On November 11-12, 2019, the EDUVAC Project Management Team and the members of the Steering Group joined together in the Transnational Project Meeting hosted by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) in Reggio Emilia (Italy).

During this meeting the Project Management Team together with the members of the Steering Group went through the project process and outputs. The web-based course, as well as the Intensive Course development and their evaluation/feedback were discussed in detail, in order to develop them further. Useful suggestions were made by the Steering Group which will be taken into account for developing further the project Intellectual Outputs.


1st EDUVAC Intensive Course

The 1st EDUVAC five-day Intensive Course took place in Helsinki, Finland at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences took place during 20-24/05/2019. With 38 students and 11 teachers participating in the Intensive Course from the 5 HEIs EDUVAC project partners.

The aim of this Intensive Course was to create a learning environment where students and teachers from different health sciences and different countries came together in order to develop vaccination competences and promote internationalisation in education.

During the Intensive Course, the students worked in multicultural groups for the given assignments on different vaccination subjects.

On the last day, at the evaluation session, all participants expressed their satisfaction for the Intensive Course, they appreciated the opportunity they had to improve English language skills, be aware of different health care systems among the participant countries and obtain knowledge and skills about vaccinations.

Here are some highlights of the 1st EDUVAC Intensive Course in Finland…


EDUVAC Kick-off meeting

On 26-28/11/2018 the transnational kick off meeting of the Education Vaccination Competence programme (EDUVAC) took place in Athens at the University of Western Attica (UniWA).

All project partners; Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, University of Vic, Trnava University, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, took part in the meeting with the coordination of the Department of Public and Community Health of UniWA.

During the three-day’s meeting agenda all issues related to the start of the project were discussed, in the context of Intellectual Outputs and teaching / learning / training activities. All partners left Athens very motivated to develop and implement the EDUVAC programme and they renewed their face-to-face meeting in Helsinki in May 2019 when the 1st Intensive Course will be held.

Below you can see some highlights of the Kick off meeting in Athens…